Welcome to Veloce Parts Italia. We specialise in Alfa Romeo and Abarth spare parts and shipping them within the UK and worldwide. All our parts are of the highest quality sourced direct from the factory to keep your Italian vehicles on the road.

With fast free shipping to much of the UK, we aim to provide excellent service which your prestige vehicles deserve. We have been established since 2018.

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Veloce Parts Italia is a family business owned by Paul Barton, his wife Emma-Louise and their son, Jack Rimmer.

This is the story of how they fell in love with the Italian adventure.

Back in 2018, Annie was the first family purchase by my wife and Jack's Mum Emma-Louise. That day changed how we as a family look and feel about cars.
Annie is still with us today and is sub 65k Miles on the clock.

More modifications later she sits and drives low to the ground and loves to go fast and faster. Holding her reins like a thoroughbred racehorse she races through the gears and needs reigning in after hitting over 100mph without realising.

Annie is an Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV line 1750 in Silver Grey with gold custom coloured alloys with a sparkle lacquer. The famous distinctive Alfa Romeo badge is printed into the front seats and the beastie front grill looks like she means business.

We fell in love with Annie so much that we went to visit the Alfa Romeo Museum in Rho Milano Italy and found the history amazing.

Jack bought his first Alfa Romeo on our return in a Quadrofolio Giulietta in Blanca White with Black Alcantara interior.

Jack currently owns a 2013 Abarth 595 Competizione in Carbon Nero. It has the upgraded Sabelt seats, a stage 2 Remap and accompanying modifications. With the long term plan to put a bigger turbo on and go 250bhp+.

Emma-Louise and I hired a Fiat Abarth 595 in Santander Spain and also loved this car.

This is where the idea of Veloce Parts Italia Ltd was born, racing through long twisting and winding tunnels listening to the uprated engine and exhaust system.

Come and join us on our exciting car journey!